David Snyder

Operating Principal

Email david@centercitylistings.com

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Frank Genzano

Team Leader/CEO

Email genzano@kw.com

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Monique Perri

Assistant Team Leader

Email monique@phillykw.com

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Andrew Gismondi

Broker of Record

Email agismondi@kw.com

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Jeremy Bowers

General Manager

Email jeremycbowers@kw.com

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BIll Kelly

Productivity Coach

Email billkelly@kw.com

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Tara Pavlovski

Director of Agent Services

Email doas@phillykw.com

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Jess Fulford

Director of First Impressions

Email frontdesk1029@kw.com

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James Keenan

Market Center Administrator

Email finance@phillykw.com

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